lights and motion

lights and motion

The 8 Best Outdoor Motion Sensor Lights of 2020

Shop for the best outdoor motion sensor lights for safety and security

Our Top Picks

«Durable, bright (1,800 lumens), and can detect motion up to 70 feet away.»

«It’s highly functional and won’t put a dent in your wallet.»

«These LED light bulbs are energy efficient and long-lasting.»

«Uses solar energy to power the LED lights at night.»

«These light fixtures have an oil-rubbed bronze finish and seeded glass.»

«Has three lamp heads and casts light in a 270-degree detection zone.»

«This spotlight installs in a matter of minutes with the included hardware.»

«The motion-sensing ceiling light is easy to install and has a nice design.»

Best Overall: LEONLITE 2 Head LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Floodlights

When choosing the right security lights for your home, there are many factors to consider before making a purchase. You’ll want to think about the design, brightness, light range, and reactiveness. If you’re looking to invest in a lasting product, one of the best security lights available today is the LEONLITE 2-Head LED Outdoor Motion Sensor Floodlight. It’s durable, bright (1,800 lumens), and can detect motion up to 70 feet away.

This two-headed fixture lets you angle the lights in whatever direction you choose, and the ultra-bright LED bulbs will ensure you can always see what’s going on in the backyard. The light comes with three operation modes: manual, auto, and “dusk to dawn.” If you want this to act as a conventional security light, you’ll want to utilize auto mode. When it’s on auto mode, the lights will turn on when the sensor detects motion and you can set how long it stays lit before shutting itself off. Because this has an IP65 waterproof rating it can withstand harsh weather conditions, but it comes with a five-year warranty in case you have any issues.

Reviewers rave about these LED Floodlights from LEONLITE, saying that the adjustable dual heads were great for lighting up select areas of their yard. Plus, the LED bulbs will last much longer than standard light bulbs and save you money on energy costs, and the motion sensors were quite reactive.

Best Budget: LITOM Original Solar Lights

If you need to install a number of motion sensor lights outside your home, you may be looking for a low-cost option, and the LITOM Original Solar Light Outdoor costs less than $20 per unit. It may not be the most aesthetically pleasing light, but it’s highly functional and won’t put a dent in your wallet.

These lights run off solar power with a battery backup, so you don’t have to wire them into your home. They’re outfitted with 24 LED lights that have an illumination range of 270 degrees, which is 50 percent wider than most competitors. The fixture has a motion sensor that can detect movement up to 26 feet away, and the lights are heat-proof and waterproof, so you can mount them on your garage or another uncovered area. Another benefit is the high-efficiency solar panel which helps them charge up faster than normal solar lights.

Reviewers love that these budget-friendly outdoor lights are extremely bright and don’t use electricity, and many say the motion sensor is triggered with the slightest sign of movement.

For added security, consider installing a home security system or security camera, which is easier than you might expect and will give you peace of mind.

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