manfrotto 190xprob

manfrotto 190xprob

Manfrotto 190XPROB Tripod Review in 2020

The Manfrotto 190XPROB tripod is a superb little tripod for a product, close-up and cheap work. It’s four feet (122cm) tall with legs absolutely extended, and the peak of the pinnacle you utilize. the middle column adds a lot of height, 9.5 inches (24cm), for a complete of fifty seven.5 inches (146cm).

Manfrotto 190XPROB Tripod Review

The Manfrotto 190XPROB tripod is a comparatively compact and cheap tripod designed for all-purpose use. It’s one amongst the popular models in Manfrotto’s X vary, putting a good balance between value and performance. Like most higher-end tripods, the 190XPROB doesn’t keep company with a head like a regular. Instead, it options a plate onto that you’ll be able to mount a good type of elective heads to match your actual needs.

Manfrotto 190XPROBTripod

This feature makes shooting down abundant easier, particularly once the rack is employed next to a table. If you’ve ever tried to try to copy work with a conventional tripod and ball head, you recognize this will be tough.

Tripod users tend to possess a robust preference for one among the 2 leg-locking mechanisms. The 190XPROB, like all Manfrotto tripods, uses flip locks. I happen to love flip locks and these feature massive tabs that area unit terribly simple to open and shut that makes adjusting them quick and easy. My older Manfrotto tripod uses twist-knob clamps and that I should say these newer tabs work much better.

Manfrotto 190XPROB rack FliplockManfrotto 190XPROB Tripod Flip Locks

The 190XPROB is forty eight in/122 cm tall with legs absolutely extended, and your selection of the top also will add a touch (my Manfrotto 3-way 804RC2 adds concerning 5 inches). It’s the shortest rack I’d be snug with owning. The 190XPROB’s center column provides you another nine.5 in/24 cm for the most height of five7.5 in/146cm inches if you wish it. For vertical use, I typically advocate you avoid extending the middle column or extend it as very little as doable since the extension will compromise structural stability, torsional (twisting) rigidity, and vibration wetting.

Recently I actually have photographed a great deal of food. Since I’m not a studio guy I don’t have the specialized instrumentality to frequently shoot food or alternative little things on a table. however precisely the quite work wherever the Manfrotto 190XPROB can create life a great deal easier. Of course, the topic can be flowers or macro stuff or the other work that needs obtaining on the top of the topic for associate degree overhead read, in or out of a studio.

By extending the middle column and lockup it in horizontal, you’ll position your camera concerning twelve in/30.5 cm removed from the middle of the legs. Of course, you’ve got to use caution concerning the soundness of your setup since the burden of the camera is currently off-axis and will cause the rack to tip over. still, this back and neck-saving feature provide you with far more flexibility once operating on top of your subject.

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Manfrotto 190XPROB rack, Overhead read

Once you’re in position, use a distant unharness or the self-timer found on most recent cameras. Not solely is that the horizontal stability a lot of delicate, however, the 190XPROB’s center column tends to vibrate once it’s set to horizontal, notably if your rack head and camera area unit serious. sadly, throughout my testing, I didn’t have a distant. so I found that the gentlest bit was necessary to stop the camera from moving. fortuitously, the mix of the camera’s mirror lock-up and two-second timer worked well. once shooting outdoors or doing macro work, I’d extremely advocate employing a remote because it would create life easier all around.

An added profit to employing a rack once operating with others is that they will see the shot and supply immediate feedback. throughout my food assignments, I’d step back from the camera whereas the editor or cook viewed the image displayed on the camera. we have a tendency to may then create little refinements to the composition or lighting along. this might are far more troublesome shooting while not the rack holding the camera position on top of the food.

In addition to going horizontal, identical center column unharness will absolutely invert for exploitation your camera the wrong way up, on the point of the bottom. I want I had brought this rack alongside ME recently on a daily basis hike. Since our trip occurred noontide, I assumed there have been no serious landscape photograph opportunities. As usual, one thing else conferred itself: a swarm of orange butterflies in an exceeding field of purple flowers. I wasn’t keen on birth down on the dust-covered path, however, it’s a grimy job and someone’s gotta bonk. The rack could’ve done it instead.

If there’s a disadvantage to the look of the 190XPROB, it’s that the horizontal extension is proscribed to ninety degrees from the axis of the legs. this can be simply worked around by exploitation the top or leg extensions to vary the point of view, however, it’s not perpetually in no time or precise. Slightly higher ease-of-use and a lot of angular selection are also found within the Gitzo someone series of tripods. Manfrotto additionally offers a horizontal accent arm (3059B) that mounts atop your existing rack leg set however it additionally limits you to ninety degrees.

The Manfrotto 190XPROB delivers ancient rack stability alongside an unambiguously designed neck and back-saving horizontal clamp for quick downward camerawork. If you’re searching for an inexpensive all-in-one rack for broad photographic use, I like to recommend you embody the 190XPROB on your list of candidates.

Manfrotto 190 X PROB

Ranking Statywy fotograficzne — marzec 2020

Praktyczny statyw fotograficzny Camrock TH70 Zawód fotografa lub kamerzysty to profesja, w której dużą rolę odgrywa jakość sprzętu wykorzystywanego do pracy. Doskonale o tym wiemy, dlatego naszym klientom oferujemy wszystko, co najlepsze. Statyw fotograficzny Camrock to profesjonalny sprzęt wyposażony w komfortową głowicę 3D. Warto dodać, że elementy są wymienne, dlatego do zestawu można dopasować dowolną głowicę ze standardowym gwintem 3,8. Trwałe nogi o dużym przekroju gwarantują wyjątkową s…

Camrock TC63 to wysokiej jakości turystyczny statyw na każdą okazję. Duża wysokość oraz niska waga zapewniają wysoki komfort użytkowania. Wykonany bardzo solidnie z wytrzymałego aluminium. Sztywne, trzy-segmentowe nogi z samopoziomującymi stopkami gwarantują dużą stabilność. Posiada głowicę 3D z szybkozłączką, podwójną poziomicę, wysuwaną kolumnę z korbą oraz uchwyt. Statyw posiada też hak do przywieszenia obciążenia oraz stopki z przegubami znacznie poprawiające stabilność. W komplecie znajdu…

Manfrotto Compact Advanced (MKCOMPACTADVBH)

Wszystkie oferty sklepów (7)

Statyw COMPACT ADVANCED z głowicą kulową głowica kulowa z regulacją oporu dla precyzyjniejszego kadrowania płytka szybkozłączka systemu Q2 (RC2) 5 sekcji dla niewielkich rozmiarów po złożeniu dobre rozwiązanie dla szybkiego kadrowania w komplecie usztywniana torba Głowica kulowa statywu COMPACT ADVANCED z możliwością regulacji siły docisku kuli, pozwala na idealną precyzję w ustawieniu kadru, jest łatwa i szybka w działaniu. Statyw jest przeznaczony dla zaawansowanych miłośników fotograf…

Manfrotto 190XPROB Tripod Review

Manfrotto is one of the established names in tripods. Their commitment to quality and functionality marches on and the 190XPROB model is yet another example of their ongoing efforts to redefine what it means to use a tripod. The aluminum Manfrotto 190XPROB has a center column that, with a push of a button, releases from the vertical plane and pivots in the unique leg/head assembly to a horizontal position.

This feature makes shooting down much easier, especially when the tripod is used next to a table. If you’ve ever tried to do copy work with a traditional tripod and ball head, you know this can be tricky.

Tripod users tend to have a strong preference for one of the two leg-locking mechanisms. The 190XPROB, like all Manfrotto tripods, uses flip locks. I happen to like flip locks and these feature large tabs that are very easy to open and close which makes adjusting them fast and simple. My older Manfrotto tripod uses twist-knob clamps and I must say these newer tabs work far better.

The 190XPROB is 48 in/122 cm tall with legs fully extended, and your choice of head will also add a bit (my Manfrotto 3-way 804RC2 adds about five inches). It’s the shortest tripod I’d be comfortable with owning. The 190XPROB’s center column gives you another 9.5 in/24 cm for a maximum height of 57.5 in/146cm inches if you need it. For vertical use, I generally recommend you avoid extending the center column or extend it as little as possible since the extension can compromise structural stability, torsional (twisting) rigidity, and vibration dampening.

Recently I have photographed a lot of food. Since I’m not a studio guy I don’t have the specialized equipment to regularly shoot food or other small things on a table. But this is exactly the kind of work where the Manfrotto 190XPROB can make life a lot easier. Of course, the subject could be flowers or macro stuff or any other work that requires getting above the subject for an overhead view, in or out of a studio.

By extending the center column and locking it in horizontal, you can position your camera about 12 in/30.5 cm away from the center of the legs. Of course, you have to be careful about the stability of your setup since the weight of the camera is now off-axis and could cause the tripod to tip over. Nonetheless, this back and neck-saving feature gives you much more flexibility when working above your subject.

Once you’re in position, use a remote release or the self-timer found on most modern cameras. Not only is the horizontal stability more delicate, but the 190XPROB’s center column tends to vibrate when it’s set to horizontal, particularly if your tripod head and camera are heavy. Unfortunately during my testing I did not have a remote. Thus I found that the gentlest touch was necessary to prevent the camera from vibrating. Fortunately the combination of the camera’s mirror lock up and two-second timer worked well. When shooting outdoors or doing macro work, I’d highly recommend using a remote as it would make life easier all around.

An added benefit to using a tripod when working with others is that they can see the shot and provide immediate feedback. During my food assignments I would step back from the camera while the editor or chef viewed the image displayed on the camera. We could then make small refinements to the composition or lighting together. This would have been much more difficult shooting without the tripod holding the camera position above the food.

In addition to going horizontal, the same center column release can fully invert for using your camera upside down, close to the ground. I wish I had brought this tripod along with me recently on a day hike. Since our trip occurred midday, I thought there were no serious landscape photo opportunities. As usual, something else presented itself: a swarm of orange butterflies in a field of purple flowers. I wasn’t keen on laying down on the dusty trail, but it’s a dirty job and someone’s gotta do it. The tripod could’ve done it instead.

If there is a drawback to the design of the 190XPROB, it’s that the horizontal extension is limited to 90 degrees from the axis of the legs. This is easily worked around by using the head or leg extensions to change the camera angle, but it’s not always very fast or precise. Slightly better ease-of-use and more angular variety may be found in the Gitzo Explorer series of tripods. Manfrotto also offers a horizontal accessory arm (3059B) that mounts atop your existing tripod legset but it also limits you to 90 degrees.

The Manfrotto 190XPROB delivers traditional tripod stability along with a uniquely designed neck and back-saving horizontal clamp for fast downward camerawork. If you’re looking for an affordable all-in-one tripod for broad photographic use, I recommend you include the 190XPROB on your list of candidates.

Full Disclosure: The tripod reviewed here was received as a gift from Manfrotto during a sponsored factory tour in May 2007. At the time I received the tripod, I owned (and still own) another Manfrotto tripod along with a half dozen Manfrotto light stands and several other miscellaneous supports, clamps, etc.

Manfrotto 190XPROB i 055XPROB — test statywГіw

Statyw fotograficzny ma być z jednej strony stabilny i wytrzymały a z drugiej, lekki i funkcjonalny. Są to cechy sprzeczne ze sobą, ale producenci tego rodzaju akcesoriów już od wielu lat prowadzą prawdziwy wyścig zbrojeń starając się spełnić wymagania stawiane przez fotografów. Statyw, który bezczynnie stoi w domu i nie pracuje wraz z aparatem jest równie istotny co zeszłoroczny śnieg i dlatego bardzo ważna jest jego funkcjonalność i użyteczność. Zmagania producentów statywów nie są tak efektowne jak w przypadku aparatów, ale warto śledzić zmieniającą się ofertę na rynku.
DziЕ› przedstawiamy test statywГіw Manfrotto – renomowanej i znanej marki nie tylko wЕ›rГіd fotografГіw ale takЕјe filmowcГіw. PoniЕјszy tekst dotyczy statywГіw Manfrotto 055XPROB i 190XPROB — zapraszamy do lektury.

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Manfrotto 190CXPRO4 Review

Key Specifications

  • Review Price: £200.00

The single most useful accessory for any type of camera is a good sturdy tripod. Setting your camera up on a tripod opens up a whole world of photography that would be impossible without one. With a tripod you can take low-light photos at any shutter speed without having to worry about camera shake, you can perfectly compose group photos when you also want to be in the shot as well, and more importantly you can take your time over a photo and get it exactly right.

However tripods are usually heavy and bulky pieces of equipment, and awkward to carry around especially if you’re travelling light. There are some lightweight travel tripods that are easy enough to carry, but there tends to be an inverse relationship between rigidity and weight, and many of them are too flimsy to provide much worthwhile support, especially for larger DSLR systems.

As with many modern applications where low weight needs to co-exist with high strength, the solution is carbon fibre. Carbon fibre tripods aren’t new, but until recently they have been comparatively expensive. Prices for this advanced composite material are falling all the time though, and it’s now possible to find some outstanding bargains, such as today’s review item, the superb Manfrotto 190CXPRO4, which is available for under £200.

The 190CXPRO4 is a lightweight four-section carbon fibre tripod designed for travel and portability. It weighs just 1.34Kg (minus the head), but can support a weight of 5Kg, more than enough for a full-size DSLR and telephoto lens. Fully extended it has a height of 1.46m, but packs down to a compact 50cm long. There is also a three-section version (the 190CXPRO3) which is marginally lighter at 1.29Kg but folds down to 58cm.

There are several advantages to carbon fibre as a material for tripods. Obviously it is lighter than aluminium for the equivalent strength, but it it is also more rigid and damps vibrations more quickly and effectively. It is also a lot more comfortable to handle in very cold weather, something which has certainly been an important consideration over the past few weeks here in Britain. In sub-zero temperatures it’s possible for your skin quickly to freeze and stick to exposed metal objects, which can be quite painful to un-stick. Carbon fibre doesn’t transmit heat as well as aluminium, so this doesn’t happen.

Italian-made Manfrotto tripods are very popular with professional photographers, and are well known for their excellent build quality and durability. The 190CXPRO4 is extremely solidly made, with chunky magnesium castings at the headstock and pivots and tough metal clasps at the section joints. The clasps have strong ABS plastic levers that are shaped for easy use but secure fastening, and the tripod comes with a small spanner that can be used to tighten the clasps if they become loose over time.

The legs can be positioned at four different angles from vertical to horizontal by pressing a ratchet release at the pivot, allowing the tripod to be positioned at virtually any angle. The headstock also incorporates Manfrotto’s unique Q90 centre columns system, which is now fitted as standard across the 190 and 055 ranges. This allows the centre column to be quickly positioned either vertically or horizontally by loosening the column clamp and pressing a button inset into the bottom of the column. The column can then be lifted partially free of the headstock and easily re-inserted horizontally.

While the 190CXPRO4 itself is certainly good value for money, it manages to achieve this to some extent by missing out the kind of extras that most other manufacturers include as standard. Most tripods in this kind of price range come with a basic carrying bag, but with Manfrotto this is an optional extra costing another £25. Likewise optional spiked feet are available for an extra £17, but only the standard rubber feet are included. It doesn’t even include a shoulder strap, a curious omission for a tripod sold on its portability. Again this is an optional extra costing a further £20.

The price of the 190CXPRO4 also doesn’t include a camera head, although with professional tripods this is standard practice. I tried it out with several different heads (I own a couple of Manfrotto tripods myself), but by far the best match is the lightweight 460MG three-way head, which costs £57. It is made of cast magnesium alloy and offers an excellent combination of strength, versatility and low weight. It adds 10.5cm to the height and 430g to the weight of the tripod, and is rated to support at least 3Kg, more than sufficient for most DSLR systems. It’s an ideal head for travel use, since its compact design takes up a lot less room that the usual bundle of awkward levers found on most other tripods. It uses Manfrotto’s well-proven 200PL-14 quick-release plate system.

The main reason for buying a Manfrotto tripod however is its near-legendary build quality. I’ve been using this particular tripod throughout the winter so far, chucking it in the back of the car strapped to the side of a rucksack, taking it on hikes across Dartmoor, using it in the recent snow and generally giving it a hard time, but the thing still looks brand new, without even a scratch on the powder-coated paintwork. Manfrotto tripods come with a three-year warranty, but I’d be surprised if you ever need it. If you want a tripod that will not let you down, this is definitely the one to go for.

The Manfrotto 190CXPRO4 carbon fibre tripod is pretty much the perfect combination of portability, strength and value for money, and provides a professional-quality option for keen photographers who like to travel light. The build quality is simply awesome, and the clever Q90 centre column system adds some very useful extra versatility. It’s a pity it doesn’t come with at least a shoulder strap though.

Manfrotto 190XPROB Tripod Reviews 2020 – Spaces & Parts

The Manfrotto 190XPROB tripod 2020 has been professionals in the field of photography, considered a most versatile tripod, perfect for not very large cameras.

The central column of the 190XPROB created by Manfrotto is extremely easy to handle. Once it rises to its maximum height, it can be changed to its horizontal position, without worrying about removing and replacing the camera or even the same central column, this way it is super fast, simple and safe. The horizontal position It is perfect for reaching the lowest altitude positions.

A professional tripod that allows your legs an angle adjustment and quick release, Without overlooking the leg warmers in case the environment has low temperatures.

Photographers very commonly take increasingly risky challenges, which put their skills to the test, and that is why this tripod was designed so that its legs can be adjusted so that they reach the angle they want with their divisions; If the cameraman wants to venture to places that have conditions that may present problems of stable terrain or extreme climates, 190XPROB will be a tool that is not limited by these external agents.

Want to skip ahead to a particular section?

Features of Manfrotto 190XPROB Tripod 2020

The camera will have a fast and flexible adjustment of the shot and is due to the level of the bubble that has the tripod, making it easy to handle.

At least four different angles can be allowed legs in their entirety sections, reach 25 degrees, 46 degrees, 66 degrees and a powerful 88 degrees. Stability is guaranteed for any position at all possible heights.

The central column will have a possible position that will make it resemble another leg, in addition to the common position that allows you to take pictures and record videos to the front or up. Do not be intimidated, because this central column can take a complete 360-degree turn in its horizontal position. You can also check Travel Lightweight Tripods here.

It has a minimum height of 8.5 centimeters, a maximum height of 146 centimeters with the central column extended at its maximum capacity and a maximum height of 122 centimeters without the extended central column. It weighs a total of 1.80 kg and has a capacity of supporting 5 kilograms, the material with which it is manufactured in aluminum, the sections on its legs are round, with a total of three sections on each leg. The central column is 25 millimeters in diameter while each leg has 25, 20 and 16 millimeters in diameter. For the upper fixation, we have a nut type 3/8 “.

  • 190XPROB is a tripod that weighs just 1.8 kg is extremely light and easy to transport, which makes it popular and much sought after.
  • It does not stop having the possibility of adjusting accessories.
  • It does not even reach 150 centimeters in total, therefore the cameramen will have to opt for the use of chairs, which can be quite comfortable.

Spaces of Manfrotto 190XPROB

190XPROB has a total size of 57cm and its dimensions are 56.99 x 12.7 x 12.7 centimeters in total.

Parts of Manfrotto 190XPROB Tripod

A central column and three legs completely flexible, The locking system that each of the legs has so that they extend and retract with safety included, there is no need to waste time unscrewing anything, because it has a class of clamps that are held with your hands and you can easily release the legs until they close again, fixing the lock. Tripod with upper spirit level included.

Manfrotto 190XPROB + 804RC2 PROMOCJA POZNAN RATY (2313765400)

Zakończona o 9:41 dnia 14.05.2012 r.

oferta nr 2313765400

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Salon sprzedaży Wrocław
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Manfrotto 190XPROB 4 Tests

  • Gut 1,9
  • 4 Tests
  • 60 Meinungen
Typ: Drei­bein­sta­tiv
Maximale Arbeitshöhe: 147 cm
Gewicht: 1800 g

Mehr Daten zum Produkt

Manfrotto 190XPROB im Test der Fachmagazine


4,5 von 5 Sternen

„Ein Klassiker! Wie viele Manfrotto-Produkte vereint das MA 190XPROB hohe Qualität und beste Handhabung. Klasse: die komfortablen Kunststoff-Verschlüsse an den robusten Aluminium-Beinen.“ Mehr Details


ohne Endnote

„Pro: schnelles und bequemes Versetzen der Kamera in sehr tiefe Aufnahmepositionen, gummierte Beine, Libelle.
Contra: Enriegelungsknopf der Mittelsäule könnte ergonomischer sein.“ Mehr Details


63 von 100 Punkten

«Testsieg, da im gesamten Test ausgewogene Leistung. Positiv überrascht die Mittelsäule, die sich in die Waagerechte kippen lässt. Mehr Details

TIPA — European Photo & Imaging Awards (D)

ohne Endnote

„Das innovative Design des Manfrotto-Stativs ermöglicht dem Fotografen, die Mittelsäule einfach mittels Knopfdruck von einer vertikalen in eine horizontalen Ausrichtung umzustellen . “ Mehr Details

zu Manfrotto 190 X PROB

Manfrotto 190XPROB Kamerastativ / Dreibeinstativ / Triopd / Bogen

Kundenmeinungen (60) zu Manfrotto 190XPROB

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Datenblatt zu Manfrotto 190XPROB

Typ Dreibeinstativ
Material Aluminium
Erhältliche Farben Schwarz
Im Einsatz
Maximale Arbeitshöhe 147 cm
Gewicht 1800 g
Auch zu finden unter folgenden Modellnummern: 190XPROB

Die besten Stative

  • Sehr gut 1,0

  • Sehr gut 1,0

  • Sehr gut 1,1

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  • Sehr gut 1,1

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  • Gut 1,6

  • Gut 1,8

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FOTOTEST Nr. 3 (Mai/Juni 2012) — Wer in der freien Natur mit langen Brennweiten fotografieren will, braucht ein leichtes, aber stabiles Stativ. Sechs Modelle, die es in sich haben, treten auf den folgenden Seiten zum großen Vergleichstest an. Damit Sie verwacklungsfrei auslösen können, stellen wir Ihnen auch die besten Fernauslöser vor.Testumfeld:Im Test waren sechs Stative mit den Bewertungen 1 x „super“ und 5 x „sehr gut“. Als Testkriterien dienten Schwingung, Bedienung und Ausstattung. … weiterlesen

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