nik software color efex pro 4

nik software color efex pro 4

Color Efex Pro 4 Product Key [Crack + Keygen] Free Download

Color Efex Pro 4 Product Key [Crack + Keygen] Free Download

Color Efex Pro 4 Product Key is a versatile and useful tool for giving the best identity to your photos. The software developed by producer Nik Software. Nik Software products are nicely thought-out, own intriguing engineering of image processing. It is currently available for Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, and Apple. It lets you control different picture parameters anyplace, also point-wise, which gives the artist an extraordinarily useful and flexible tool for working with photographs.

Color Efex Pro 4 Crack can use Filter Combinations which allow you to stack some filters, adjust every individual’s opacity, and create selective alterations to get the desired appearance. Each screen includes single-click beginning points, which makes it feasible to explore different choices. Colours of Emeril Lagasse, you will find Filters which allows you to customize and discuss filter mixes with other individuals. Bam! Implicative of HDR Efex Pro, the 10 ingredients Which Are part of this package is a fast way to get started using Color Efex Pro 4 and much more.

Color Efex Pro 4 Crack WIth Keygen Download

Its user interface has experienced several changes in the last versions. Most importantly, Presets can now be handled and filtered in recognizable ways, and also the U-Point port was upgraded to be consistent with the variation used in additional Nik solutions. But, there are different areas which have been tweaked too, including several new filters and a Background Browser.

There are scores of picture designs within Color Efex Pro 4 have upgraded. Included Extractor, Black Contrast, Film Efex: Vintage, Film Efex: Modern, Natural Film Borders, Brilliance/Warmth, Film Grain, High Key, Low Key, Paper Toner, Guru Contrast, and a couple of others. But some impacts stand out, especially in regards to areas in character (however they do not come in Nature preset group). With this guide, we will cover a few of my favourites: Film Efex Modern, Graduated Fog, Graduated Neutral Density along with the newest Detail Extractor.

Key Features:

  • Insert multiple filters at once, adjust the opacity.
  • Create selective Alterations to get the desired appearance.
  • Detail Extractor, Dark Contrast, Vintage Film Efex, Natural Image Borders, and Even more.
  • Every filter Includes single-click Beginning points to explore creative alternatives Fast.
  • Design Recipes-Customize and Discuss filter Mixes along with others, Using ingredients.
  • Facilitates intuitive comparison of previous edits along with Unique Appearances.
  • GPU Processing and Multi-Core Optimization-GPU Processing take
  • Innovative Screen adapters prov >How to Crack?
  • First, Download Color Efex Pro.
  • Extract this File then Run.
  • Now Click on Installed Setup.
  • Wait for installation.
  • Click on License Key.
  • Copy key and Paste.
  • Then Click on Active.
  • All Done.

Color Efex Pro 4 Keygen Torrent 2020

Many people use Photoshop to fix some of the problems with colours, such as contrast or brightness. The program is easy to use because you only need to find the filter menu. On the side of the screen, you can use a long window of tools with the pictures you have online. The colour effects can be used with your downloaded images or images, such as those you see in retail stores, that you enjoy looking at online. You can adjust the colours to see what the picture would look like at home or what the people in the picture look like in a natural environment.


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Color Efex Pro 4 to zestaw użytecznych filtrów do obróbki zdjęć w Adobe Photoshop i innych programach graficznych.

za pomocą gotowych efektów automatycznie poprawisz kolory w swoich fotografiach i nadasz im interesujący wygląd.
Wersja płatna aplikacji oferuje 26 lub 55 filtrówdo wyboru. zostały one podzielone na kategorie odpowiadające najczęstszej tematyce zdjęć. znajdziesz tu filtry do fotografii ślubnej, krajobrazowej czy też portretowej, choć możesz je oczywiście wykorzystać w dowolny sposób. W przypadku gdy któryś z efektów nie do końca spełnia twoje potrzeby, możesz ręcznie zmienić jego ustawienia. Color Efex Pro posiada naprawdę użyteczne funkcje. Najważniejszą z nich jest możliwość nakładania na siebie kilku filtrów jednocześnie. Oprócz tego program pozwala także na retusz fotografii jedynie w zaznaczonych obszarach, bez ingerencji w całość obrazu.

Complete Edition — zestaw 55 filtrów

  • B/W Conversion
  • Bi-Color Filters
  • Bi-Color User Defined
  • Bleach Bypass
  • Brilliance/Warmth
  • Classical Soft Focus
  • Color Stylizer
  • Colorize
  • Contrast Color Range
  • Contrast Only
  • Cross Balance
  • Cross Processing
  • Dark Contrasts
  • Darken/Lighten Center
  • Detail Extractor
  • Duplex
  • Dynamic Skin Softener
  • Film Efex: Faded
  • Film Efex: Modern
  • Film Efex: Nostalgic
  • Film Efex: Vintage
  • Film Grain
  • Fog
  • Foliage
  • Glamour Glow
  • Graduated Filters
  • Graduated Fog
  • Graduated Neutral Density
  • Graduated User Defined
  • High Key
  • Image Borders
  • Indian Summer
  • Infrared Film
  • Ink
  • Levels & Curves
  • Low Key
  • Midnight
  • Monday Morning
  • Old Photo
  • Paper Toner
  • Pastel
  • Photo Stylizer
  • Polarization
  • Polaroid Transfer

Nik Color Efex Pro

Nik Color Efex Pro

Kompatibel mit Windows 10

und 4 weiteren Systemen.

  • Windows 10
  • Windows 8
  • Windows 7
  • Windows Vista
  • Win XP
Sprache: Deutsch Downloadzahl: 46.486 Version: 4.0 — vom 08.04.2016 Kaufpreis: Gratis Hersteller: Nik Software Dateigröße: 429,0 MByte Kategorie: Filter & Effekte Rang: 14 / 140 bei CHIP Verwandte Bereiche: Collection, Farbe, Photoshop, Plugin


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Die CHIP Redaktion sagt:

Mit «Nik Color Efex Pro» erhalten Sie eine professionelle Filter-Sammlung fГјr Photoshop & Co.

Nik Color Efex Pro Mit «Color Efex Pro» kГ¶nnen Sie mit bis zu 55 Filtern Ihren Bildern den optimalen Look verpassen. Dabei kГ¶nnen Sie Ihre Lieblingskombinationen speichern und damit weiteren Bildern die gleiche Optik verpassen.

Nik Color Efex Pro: Foto-Effekte fГјr Profis

«Nik Color Efex Pro» umfasst zahlreiche Effekte, die Fototechniken und Vorsatzfilter fГјr Kameraobjektive simulieren. Praktisch ist, dass sich die Filtereffekte mittels eines neuen Auswahlwerkzeugs quasi auf das Bild malen lassen.

Mit 55 Filtern und mehr als 250 Effekten können Sie hochwertige Retuschierungen, Farbkorrekturen und kreative Bearbeitungen Ihrer Fotos vornehmen.

CHIP Fazit

«Nik Color Efex Pro» ist eines der besten Sets fГјr professionelle Farbkorrekturen.

Michael Humpa | CHIP Software-Redaktion

Dieses Plugin ist Teil der Nik Collection, welche Google nun kostenlos zur Verfügung stellt. Über den Download-Link gelangen Sie zur kompletten Sammlung, mit der Sie dieses und alle weiteren Nik-Plugins herunterladen können.

Nik Color Efex Pro

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  • Bei uns haben Sie die Wahl, denn im Gegensatz zu anderen Portalen ist standardmäßig keine zusГ¤tzliche Software ausgewГ¤hlt.
  • Nik Software Color Efex Pro 4 – Free Download Complete Edition

    Mastering the Nik Collection – Color Efex Pro 4 Overview

    Color EFex Pro 4 is a hip software that modifies and enhances the quality of the image. It is recommended by many light photographers for photo editing. The trendy photo editor is loaded by multiple options for different photo types. For instance,

    • Architecture
    • Excursions
    • Events
    • Sceneries
    • Seasonal images
    • Weather images
    • Portrayals

    Astounding features of the photo editor

    User-friendly setting mode:

    It entertains the handler to use an outstanding option of photo editing to set the desired setting of the image. For instance,

    • Shine
    • Saturation
    • Vignette
    • Noise

    There are many else interesting options in the app to design the picture in a way that it looks more natural, emotional and beautiful.

    Astonishing integration possibilities:

    The photo editor app is well designed in its massive potentials. The operator can go for many photo modifying experiments. For instance, you can outline the effects first then by using different tools you can edit the image by using paint and brush.

    The app is classy:

    The photo editing app is very classy and trendy on its practical approach. For instance,

    • It is diverse in its image filtering choi
    • The app is highly configurable.
    • Unified graphics gears.
    • Explicit fine-tuning tools.

    Digital coverage:

    Color Efex Pro 4 is a complete arrangement to deliver outstanding digital coverage through digital filters. Highly demanded in professional photographers; the reason for the obsession is its wide range of lovable features.

    Extensive sieving options:

    The new version has new adding filters, and previously available are improved. Adjustments like tweak, opacity and more are used to get desirable adjustments. Eight filters are added in the new version a few of them are as under.

    • Detail Extractor
    • Dark Contrast
    • Vintage Film Efex
    • Natural image Borders

    U Point Technology

    The photo editing app is an incredible fusion of conventional and schematizing filters. It integrates U point technology that provides you to capture an image and modify it for extensive enrichment.

    Does not put the burden on CPU

    The photo editor is now condensed on the GPU and does not put the burden on the CPU for its smooth functioning.

    Faster than earlier versions and apps

    The unified and systematic app is pretty much faster than its previous versions and from the similar photo editing apps of the IT industry. You can manifest many variant images by investing the least amount of time.

    Photo sieving in just a single click

    The app enables you to make modifications and bring enhancements with just a single click by giving the most professional look quickly and easily.

    Multitasking in a single session

    The app permits you to perform multi-functions in a single session, and increase the efficacy of the app and enables you to be the maestro of your field.

    The assistance of history Browser

    There is a history browser in the app that keeps the record of your every experiment. This is a utility feature that allows you to go back and see the adjustments; you can review it in three modes.

    The app is compatible with the following editors

    • Photoshop CS
    • Apple Aperture
    • Photoshop Elements
    • Photoshop Light room

    Color Efex Pro 4 is an outstanding photo editor. It does not only facilitate the layman for day to day photo editing but equally beneficial for professional exposure. It gives a high-end photo sieving. Extensive range of filters allows you to go for interminable experimentation and unlock your creativity by exploring your potential talent of photography. The app has striking features, what you have to do is just to download the app and then the app will not let you go anywhere.

    Nik Color Efex Pro 4, plugin gratuito para Photoshop y Lightroom

    In Otro software by Carlos A. Oliveras octubre 6, 2016 25 Comments

    Enlace de descarga Windows/Mac

    No obstante, ha pasado mucho tiempo (y muchas cosas) desde que estos plugins salieron al mercado, por lo que conviene recordar la historia del asunto para valorar la situación en la que ha quedado la colección de Nik, incluido, por supuesto, el plugin Color Efex Pro 4.

    Un poco de historia

    Originalmente, los distintos plugins de Nik Collection se vendían por separado y no eran precisamente baratos, dado que eran productos bastante avanzados para la época y con poca competencia. Hablo de hace al menos unos 7 años, quizá algo más – hasta aquel entonces, estos plugins habían ido evolucionando y pasando por distintas versiones. Silver Efex Pro había publicado su versión 2, que introdujo mejoras importantes que lo confirmaron para muchos como el mejor plugin para blanco y negro, y Color Efex Pro iba por su cuarta versión, compitiendo con los plugins de Topaz, en mi opinión algo inferiores por aquel entonces.

    Google compra Nik Software

    2012 fue un año clave para esta historia, ya que google compró Nik Software, posiblemente porque en Nik tuvieran algún software que le hacía la competencia a google, o tal vez porque les interesase quedarse con alguna aplicación muy concreta. Aunque en aquel entonces aún era pronto para asegurar nada, ya sonaron las primeras voces de alarma: si el único interés de google era comprar Nik para quedarse con alguno de sus programas y/o fulminarlos como competencia, se corría el riesgo de que los plugins de Nik software desaparecieran del mercado o simplemente quedasen abandonados. Google dijo que seguiría apoyando estos productos, pero sin ningún compromiso concreto.

    Poco tiempo después, tuvimos noticias buenas y potencialmente malas a la vez: google reempaquetó los plugins en un único paquete que tenía un coste de algo más de 100 euros si no recuerdo mal. Esto era una buena noticia porque suponía una rebaja bestial en el precio de los que todavía eran unos plugins excepcionales, pero podía ser un primer paso antes de abandonarlos.

    Plugins gratis… y abandonados

    Así llegamos a marzo de 2016, mes en el que google declaró que esta colección de plugins pasaba a ser gratuita. De nuevo, una noticia de doble filo: un precio de cero euros es inmejorable, pero por otro lado, esto parece ser el abandono definitivo de los que durante años fueron los mejores plugins de Photoshop. Desde que google compro Nik, ya no hubo un Silver Efex Pro 3, ni un Color Efex Pro 5 (al menos, nos hemos librado de una odiosa rima, eso sí). Dicho esto, es cierto que se introdujo algún cambio en algunos plugins menores como Analog Efex Pro, y se mantuvo al día el instalador de los plugins para que funcionase con las sucesivas actualizaciones de Photoshop, pero nada más, y ahora que los plugins son gratuitos, cuesta todavía más imaginar que se vaya a retomar su desarrollo.

    Es por todo lo anterior que, si bien estos plugins, y particularmente Color Efex Pro 4, siguen siendo buenos, han ido quedando progresivamente desfasados, cosa lógica dado que la tecnología avanza rápido y quedarse parado equivale a quedarse obsoleto. Hoy en día el rendimiento y utilidad de este plugin está algunos peldaños por debajo del lugar que ocupó en su día, lo cual es una pena.

    Filtros interesantes en Color Efex Pro 4

    En el vídeo describo el funcionamiento general del plugin, que realmente es una gran colección de efectos. Es decir, Color Efex es una especie de plugin multi-función que contiene una gran lista de efectos, en general relacionados con el color, pero aun así, muy diversos.

    Como ya he dicho otras veces, no estoy en contra de los plugins, pero sí abogo por hacer uso de los realmente imprescindibles, porque si uno se deja llevar, termina con 50 y sin saber cuál usar. No obstante, no estaría hablando de Color Efex si no tuviera algo de interés, aunque puede ser muy subjetivo determinar cuáles de sus filtros son los que realmente valen la pena. En el vídeo yo destaco 6, como podría haber destacado 3 o 13 – como digo, es algo opinable. Dicho esto, sí hay un efecto de Color Efex Pro que creo imprescindible mencionar en cualquier análisis: el Detail Extractor (o Extractor de detalle). Vale la pena descargar e instalar Color Efex Pro solo por este filtro, que aplicado con medida y selectivamente, resulta una forma rápida y eficaz de mejorar cualquier foto donde el detalle juegue un papel importante. Topaz Labs tiene una alternativa llamada «Topaz Detail» que antiguamente era un plugin independiente pero que, con posterioridad, pasó a integrarse en Topaz Studio 2. ESta herramienta es más avanzada en cuanto a opciones de configuración, pero quizá un poco complicada de usar, por no mencionar que Topaz Studio 2 es de pago, claro.

    En futuros vídeos espero comentar algún plugin más de esta colección que en su día fue lo máximo, pero que si nada cambia, seguirá hundiéndose lenta pero progresivamente en la obsolescencia. Sic transit gloria mundi...

    Nik Software Color Efex Pro 4 review

    Nik Software’s giant, all-in-one filter collection gets a major upgrade, but what’s changed and is it worth it?

    By Rod Lawton 05 December 2011

    • Huge range of effects
    • Big step up from last version
    • Combine filter effects
    • Intuitive controls

    In Color Efex Pro 4, there are 55 different filters. Some of these are, admittedly, similar to each other or of limited use outside specialist fields, but there are plenty of others that can warp, stretch or re-invigorate your photographic imagination in ways that you might not realise using Photoshop alone.

    Photoshop is fine if you never run out of inspiration, or you already have an encyclopedic knowledge of every photo effect there is and can pre-visualise each one before you start using it.

    But Color Efex Pro goes further. With just a few clicks, you can see how your image would look using a whole array of different effects and treatments you might not have thought of, pushed further than you might have dared.

    The full list of filters is displayed in a scrolling panel at the left side of the screen. They are also organised into categories, such as Landscape and Wedding, and are accessed using buttons at the top of the panel.

    Filters and controls

    When you select an effect, you see the result applied to your photo in the main window, while on the right is a vertical tools panel that offers a whole range of manual adjustments that vary according to the filter you’ve selected. Some are quick and simple, with few options. Others, such as the Black and White filter and new Levels and Curves, are almost like mini image editors in their own right.

    The Black and White filter, for example, creates very good black and white conversions at its default settings, but it can also apply red, orange, yellow and other black and white filter effects, just like the Channel Mixer in Photoshop.

    It also offers a Tonal Enhancer that produces low-key, regular or high-key images, and a Dynamic Contrast mode, which produces really strong, graphic monochromatic images. With all three, you can adjust the brightness and contrast, and protect shadow and highlight detail using sliders below the main controls and a histogram at the bottom of the panel.

    The controls vary, and these filters don’t all have the scope or depth of the Black and White filter, but what they do have in common is Nik’s unique U point technology. It’s used to apply the effect or remove it from specific areas of the image.

    You do this using control points, which create a resizable, circular adjustment zone. Within this zone, the software automatically selects similar areas to the one at the centre of the control point. You can think of it as an automatic selection tool, where the size of the circle is simply the maximum radius of the effect.

    This works really well. The selections blend well with surrounding areas, with no hard edges and rarely any edge/halo effects, although you do sometimes need to make a couple of attempts at finding the right area to create the control point.

    Fans of Color Efex Pro 3, the previous version, will be thinking that this all sounds very familiar, but there are some major differences in this new version that make it well worth upgrading to.

    There are some new and very interesting filters, for a start. Dark Contrasts creates a pseudo-HDR effect from a single image, with intensified contrasts, edge glow effects and heightened saturation. Detail Extractor works on localised contrast and rebalances highlight and shadow tones.

    The Film Effects in the previous version have been split up and expanded into different sections, including Faded, Modern, Nostalgic and Vintage, and the new Levels and Curves filter is extremely useful, particularly with the U Point adjustments.

    Presets and combinations

    One of Color Efex Pro’s strong points has always been its ability to preview effects directly and simply, and version 4 takes this further by adding presets for each filter, which are accessed by clicking a button to the right of the filter’s name. You choose a preset you like, it’s applied in the main window and you can then tweak the settings if you need to, or accept the effect as it is.

    The other big change to Color Efex Pro 4 is the ability to combine filter effects. Previously, you could only apply one at a time — it would be applied in Photoshop as a new layer, complete with layer mask, but then you’d have to reopen Color Efex Pro to add another.

    Now, though, you can combine any number of effects without leaving the application. Not only that, you can save these combinations of effects as Recipes — Color Efex Pro comes with a selection of great-looking recipes to give you an idea of what this new feature can achieve.

    The ability to combine effects in this way greatly expands Color Efex’s potential. It’s true that there have been only modest additions to the range of filters in this release, but the changes to the way the plug-in works, although less glamorous, are hugely significant. Color Efex Pro always offered a large array of excellent photographic filter effects, but now it enables you to combine them quickly and in much more exciting ways than ever before.

    If you already use Color Efex Pro, version 4 is definitely worth the upgrade. And if you don’t, you’re missing out on one of the image-editing world’s truly great filter collections. It’s not cheap, but if you try out the fully-functional trial version, you’ll soon find out why. It beats rivals such as Tiffen Dfx 3.0, OnOne Perfect Effects 3 and Alien Skin Exposure 3 in our books.

    Color Efex Pro 4 is expensive, but you get a huge range of effects, many with in-depth controls. It’s both powerful and inspirational, and the new filters, combinations and presets are a big step forward.

    Color Efex Pro 4 Crack + Lifetime Activation Key Free Download

    Color Efex Pro 4 Crack is one the world’s most famous editors that are working for the photographers. Other people who want to edit their pictures in a very fine and amazing way. This application is one on the voyage of success and this is because of the true tools that very much help in the fine editing. Therefore, the person who wants to excel in the field of photography shall get this application from the internet.

    Color Efex Pro 4 Crack + Lifetime Activation Key Free Download Latest

    Color Efex Pro 4 Crack + Lifetime Activation Key Free Download

    Many versions of different software packs are in the internet market. However, there are no many which can work with the upgraded tools and deal with the new problems. Therefore the makers of Color Efex Pro always try to prepare this software’s new version in such a way that it will keep all the upgraded tools and features that the user needs according to the new times. Thus, the users will never get bored while using this software in their systems and making good progress with their editing of pictures.

    Professional photographers are present all around the world. Many of the new people and students are choosing this field as it is very much interesting. Therefore, the Color Efex Pro is making all the processes that will help them in acquiring their goals. The professionals use this application to increase the range of their workings. They use it for making some good changes in the photo which is even better. Addition of good effects and filters in the picture makes it more amazing and astonishing.

    Editing software packs are easy to find on the internet and very easy to download theme as well. However, the problem occurs when the user needs to pay for these applications. Now, the class of people belonging to the wealthy houses can afford such prices, but the students and the people who are new in the field and trying to make their place in it are with no options. Therefore, the application of Color Efex Pro is completely free for the downloading. All the tools present in those fancy expensive software packs are present in it for free. Therefore, the people around the world love this application so much.

    Color Efex Pro 4 Crack + Lifetime Activation Key Free Download [Torrent]

    Color Efex Pro 4 Crack + Lifetime Activation Key Free Download

    Time is a very important thing in the processes of life. If the software package will be slow in its workings, the user will not be able to finish his project in time and someone else may take his place. Therefore, the fast processing of the images is highly important. The Color Efex Pro is such an application that will use all the multiple graphics tools for the fine editing of the images and saving a lot of time. Much great number of images in the same time becomes ready for the editing process due to the features of this software.

    If we talk about the filters present in this application, there are a lot of amazing astonishing filters present in this software. That can be used for making the image even more fascinating than before. Many others are present in the software for the downloading from the online market if the user likes it. This totally depends on the choice and interests of the users and he can get it in his own way. Therefore, Color Efex Pro works as a fine piece of application for the better editing of images than any other.

    Color Efex Pro is one of the easiest applications that are in use for the editing purposes. This is because; the user will get all the important tools within his accessible range and in fine menus so that he does not need to find one. Therefore, the beginners and students who do not come with any previous type of experience will be able to use this application and get benefits of its tools in all the possible ways.

    Color Efex Pro 4 Crack + Lifetime Activation Key Free Download [Full Version]

    Color Efex Pro 4 Crack + Lifetime Activation Key Free Download

    This software is very reliable and smooth in its workings. This is because; the user does not get any sort of associating viruses along with this application. There are many applications related to the editing field on the internet. But they shall not get in the system as they are extremely harmful for the system due to the associating malware files. Therefore, the user shall be very much careful in the choosing of his editors. Color Efex Pro works absolutely fine without a single problem.

    Photographers may click some good quality pictures with their skills. However, the editing software packs always add up in those. The specific tools for filters, different effects on them and the ones for the adjustments of sizes just add to the beauty of the image. Therefore, Color Efex Pro comes in such a way that the user will be able to get all of these brilliant tools. The effects present in this software allow the user to create fine prices of art.

    Talking about the tools of Color Efex Pro, it will not be wrong to say that this software consists of all those tools. That is important for the editing of a picture in any way. Therefore, the tools like adjusting of brightness, humidity, contrasts, shading, highlighting, intensity and many more like this are present in abundance. The user will not get the need to download any other software pack regarding any tools for a picture as he will get them all in this single application.

    Color Efex Pro 4 Crack + Free Download [Full Cracked]

    Color Efex Pro 4 Crack + Lifetime Activation Key Free Download

    Downloading process for the software is very easy and simple. The internet will give the user a link to download this software. The Color Efex Pro is completely free as we all know, so the user will not get any problem. Therefore, the installation and will not be requiring any specific hardware. It allows the user to perform different experiments on the pictures he clicks for the better editing and workings. Therefore, the managing tools of this software are in remarkable place and use for the people. It can work on all sorts of operating systems without a problem.

    Color Efex Pro 4 Crack + Unlimited Lifetime Activation Key

    Color Efex Pro 4 Crack + Lifetime Activation Key Free Download

    Main Key Features:

    • One of the world’s finest photo editors on the internet
    • Used by different professionals and students around the globe
    • No one finds it difficult to operate even because when they have no previous experience
    • Comes with a very effective and friendly interface
    • The tools like brightness, shading, and additional filters are present in abundance
    • A free application to be downloaded from the internet
    • Edits the image in its finest quality
    • Does not get affected by the different formats as it can process all of them
    • Works on different types of operating systems
    • Free from all types of viruses and threats
    • Does not require any payment for downloading
    • Contrasts of colors and intensity of the images are also manageable using the features of this software
    • Helps in the finest adjustments of the images
    • Allows the user to do any types of changes to the image to make it better
    • Different effects regarding distinguish things in the picture are also present within this applications
    • Very efficient and fast in workings
    • Does not hang up the system
    • Consumes a very little space
    • Does everything without disturbing other resources in the system
    • Works for the user in making great editions to the images
    • There seems to be no problem in the working of this software as it can work smoothly in different operating systems including the versions of Windows OS

    Activation Keys:

    System Requirements:

    • It is the latest version which works with windows
    • XP, VISTA,
    • Windows 7,8.8.1, and 10
    • HDD Space 6.8-MB
    • 500-MB Ram
    • 1-GHz Processor Sufficient

    How To Crack This Software:

    • Download it from the link in the page
    • Run the setup file and let it install
    • After completion of installation open the installation folder
    • Copy the crack from the downloaded folder and move it in the installation
    • Use the Crack to unlock the premium features
    • Now enjoy a full and free version

    Pluginy Nik Collection od dziś dostępne za darmo! To jedne z najlepszych wtyczek do Photoshopa i Lightrooma

    Pluginy Nik Collection od dziś dostępne za darmo! To jedne z najlepszych wtyczek do Photoshopa i Lightrooma

    Niespełna dwa lata temu o wtyczkach firmy Nik Software napisałem takie słowa: „to moje najlepiej wydane 149 dol. na fotografię”. Od dziś wszystkie pluginy z paczki Nik Collection są dostępne całkowicie za darmo. Fotografowie, bierzcie i korzystajcie z tego wszyscy!

    Na początku nie mogłem uwierzyć w tę informację. Nik Software, producent jednego z najciekawszych zestawów wtyczek do Photoshopa i Lightrooma, od dziś udostępnia wszystkie pluginy za darmo. To zaskakująca informacja, bowiem wcześniej paczka kosztowała niemało – 149 dol.

    Firma Nik Software początkowo należała do Nikona, ale później wykupiło ją Google. Zespół stworzył łącznie siedem wtyczek kompatybilnych z Photoshopem i Lightroomem. Wszystkie pluginy stoją na bardzo wysokim poziomie i zdecydowanie warto się ich nauczyć.

    Co znajduje się w paczce Nik Collection?

    Moją faworytką jest wtyczka Silver Efex Pro, która służy do konwersji zdjęć do postaci czarno-białej. Jeśli sądzisz, że wystarczy w tym celu po prostu zdesaturować zdjęcie, Silver Efex Pro otworzy przed tobą zupełnie nowy świat. Plugin zawiera gotowe presety pogrupowane w kategorie, ale jego prawdziwa siła tkwi w suwakach przypominających te z Lightrooma.

    Jednym z lepszych pluginów jest również Viveza 2, która pozwala na edycję zdjęć w oparciu o sztandarowe rozwiązanie Nik, czyli punkty kontrolne. Ustawiamy punkt w wybranym miejscu zdjęcia, regulujemy obszar działania i możemy zmieniać różne zmienne w tym zakresie. Viveza doskonale rozpoznaje kolory i kształty, dzięki czemu edycja jest bardzo precyzyjna, mimo braku konieczności stosowania masek.

    Kolejną wtyczką wartą uwagi jest Color Efex Pro, dająca dostęp do dziesiątek presetów kolorystycznych. Są wśród nich prawdziwe perełki, dzięki którym można wyczarować na zdjęciach cuda. Następny plugin to Analog Efex Pro, który pozwala symulować na zdjęciach wygląd wielu znanych klisz analogowych. W pakiecie mamy też HDR Efex Pro do tworzenia HDR-ów, Sharpener Pro do wyostrzania i wyciągania szczegółów zdjęć oraz Dfine do bardzo sprawnego odszumiania.

    Na tej liście doprawdy nie ma słabych punktów. Jeśli masz Photoshopa lub Lightrooma, paczka pluginów Nik jest pozycją wręcz obowiązkową.

    Wtyczki mają to do siebie, że podpowiadają użytkownikowi wiele gotowych ustawień, więc można zacząć z nich korzystać bez żadnego przygotowania. Gwarantuję jednak, że po wgłębieniu się w funkcje, wtyczki zyskują bardzo wiele.

    W Photoshopie dostęp do pluginów można uzyskać poprzez pływające okienko Nik, lub poprzez pasek narzędzi, klikając na Filtr -> Nik Collection. Z kolei w Lightroomie na pasku narzędzi wybieramy Photo -> Edit In -> po czym wybieramy odpowiednią wtyczkę. Wyjątkiem jest plugin HDR Efex Pro, który jest widoczny w menu File -> Export with Preset -> HDR Efex Pro.

    Jak pobrać wtyczki Nik Software za darmo?

    Zestaw wtyczek można pobrać ze strony Nik, przy czym do wyboru mamy wersje na komputery Mac i PC. Podczas instalacji możemy wybrać, do jakich programów chcemy dodać wtyczki. Obsługiwane programy to Adobe Photoshop od wersji CS4 do CC, Lightroom w wersjach od 3 do 6/CC, oraz Photoshop Elements w wersji od 9 do 13 (z PsE nie jest kompatybilna wtyczka HDR Efex Pro 2). Na komputerach Mac wtyczki można też zainstalować w porzuconym Apple Aperture w wersji 3.1 lub nowszej.

    Color Efex Pro 4 Crack Keygen + Serial Key Full Free Download

    Color Efex Pro 4 Crack Keygen + Serial Key Full Version Free Download

    Color Efex Pro 4 Crack Keygen + Serial Key Full Free Download

    Color Efex Pro 4 Crack with Product Key is a reliable and useful software solution that allows users to apply numerous photographic filters to their images and customize them as necessary. The interface of Color Efex Pro 4 Serial Key for mac for Photoshop is intuitive and easy to use, since it shows the image to be modified in the center, while the left and right panels are filled with various types of configurations. Color Efex pro 4 Serial Number is a complement for Photoshop and other photo editors that correct and improve color in any image.

    Color Efex Pro 4 License Key free download presents several presets that can be useful for those who are now just getting used to the photo filters and want to experiment with the configuration first. When they learn it, they can simply hide the templates section and begin to improve the images on their own. Despite its name, Color Efex Pro 4 Activation Key can also be run as a standalone tool, although it is more convenient to start it from a compatible host application, such as Lightroom or Photoshop.

    Color Efex Pro 4 Crack Download is used to create vignettes in your photos and also helps your eyes focus on the center, as it helps illuminate the central part of the photo. Color Efex Pro 4 License Key include outdoor landscape as well as many indoor portrait options. Color Efex Pro 4 Crack comes with a very basic overview of the filters which could be improved. In short, Color Efex Pro 4 product key for Photoshop can be used both by experts and beginners, since the former can improve the appearance of their shots and turn them into photographic masterpieces.

    Color Efex Pro 4 Crack Keygen + Serial Key Full Free Download

    Color Efex Pro 4 Key Features:

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    Color Efex Pro 4 Product Key

    Color Efex Pro 4 Serial Key

    Color Efex Pro 4 Crack Keygen + Serial Key Full Free Download

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