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random pics

Random pics

Hello there, and welcome to the one and only iMeetzu text random chat. Here we pride ourselves with being the best of the best at what we do! What does that mean? Our Omegle-style chat room works on every platofrm, and has more features than any other similar service you will find! This includes the ability to send images, whether you select pictures via your camera roll or snap a new one just for the lucky stranger you are talking to. You see, we don’t want to just be like all the other sites like Omegle, we want to be much much better! For this reason, we also have apps you can download, including an Android app that we have fine tuned to work as perfectly and awesomely as possible, as far as we can tell at least. We want your chatting experience to be as stress free as possible, so that you remember this is the absolute best place if you’re looking to talk to strangers like a boss.

Something else to note about our text chat is that it allows you to only have to upload your images one time per visit to our site. That means, once you upload the pictures they will be saved for the duration of your visit and you can use them with as many different strangers as you want! Then of course, once you leave, we will go ahead and delete those images from our server, so you don’t have to worry about them staying online forever, if you are concerned about your privacy.

If you have never visited iMeetzu before you may not be familiar with the rest of our website. We do have other chat room options, which include video chat and group chat. The cam chat page is similar to Chatroulette, so if that’s something you’re interested feel free to head on over there and give it a try! The group chat page is basically like a regular old fashioned chat room, but it includes a lot of great features such as video streaming and lots of little extras like smilies and gifts! You will find the community there to be super inviting, so make sure you check it out.

Given all the great random chatting options we have for you here at our site, we believe you will definitely want to come again, so don’t forget to bookmark us! We are confident that this will be your favorite Omegle alternative chat site, and if for some reason it isn’t, feel free to send us any feedback you may have so that we can improve it in any way possible. Thank you for visiting, and have a good time meeting new people!

Random pics

Welcome Chatroulorians! (If you didn’t get the reference, ask one of your geeky friends. If you don’t have a geeky friend, well… you’re missing out. :)) We first and foremost hope you enjoy your time here but ask that you follow our:

Rules (this is the important part, only 4 rules!)

Rule #1: You do not talk about… wait, wrong list… let us start again…

Violation of the rules may result in you being banned from the site.

The following items are NOT allowed, with NO exceptions:

  1. No adult or sexual content in Filtered Chat ;
  2. No children or minors in Random/Unfiltered Chat ;
  3. Do not show any illegal activities ; and
  4. Do not advertise anything.

In addition to the rules, there are a few guidelines we also have for using the site. These are suggestions to help make the Chatroulette experience better for you and your fellow Chatroulorians.

Guidelines (tl;dr — be nice to your partner and report bad stuff!)

  1. Please report any rule violations (click the ‘Report/Illegal’ button!);
  2. When in doubt ask for consent from your partner;
  3. Treat your partner the way you want to be treated;
  4. If it’s your first time on Chatroulette… you have to chat… Well, not really; but it’s better if you do 🙂

Congratulations! You’re half-way through the legal stuff!

Work In Progress (tl;dr — it may break!)

We are actively working to improve the site for our users (that means you)!

We appreciate your patience as we test out various ideas over the coming weeks (sorry if you find any bugs), and please send any feedback to feedback@chatroulette.com.

How this impacts the application:

  • You may see surveys pop-up and ask you questions; and
  • New features may appear as we test them and then disappear later.

So what are we testing out right now?

  • This feature blurs the video stream of your partner when you start your chat session;
  • You can click the ‘Unblur’ button to see the video stream clearly whenever you want;
  • This feature only changes what you se e and not what your partner sees; and
  • Your partner does not know if you have them blurred or not.

Liking your partner —

  • Clicking the ‘Like’ button adds a confirmation box to click when you want to end your conversation so that you don’t accidentally disconnect;
  • Your partner does not know if you have clicked the ‘Like’ button or not; and
  • When you and your partner both click the ‘Like’ button, we will try to match you together again when you both start chat sessions next time.
  • There are a number of different options you can choose (please be patient as we survey for options to use); and
  • We will be testing match-making capabilities based on these options (expect bugs).
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