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Powerful photo editor with exclusive presets and editing tools. Join millions of creators and boost your photography.

ViewBug is the world’s most amazing photography community for pros and amateurs alike. If photography is your passion, this is the free photo app that lets you discover photography, edit photos, share photos, and receive recognition from other photographers and judges.

Showcase your work with 20 new photography challenges every month, judged by world-renowned professional photographers, and sponsored by top brands. With the ViewBug photo app, your photography is discovered and awarded.

Win amazing prizes and participate in photo contests across many inspiring categories. Be featured, get published, and win the gear that will make you stand out and help take you to the next level.

Learn from peers and thought leaders, and improve as a photographer. Submit your photos to some contests and have your photos discovered and awarded.

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4 Great Sites To Find Photography Contests To Enter

Many of us love photography. Almost everyone these days love to take pictures and share them with others. In this age of camera phones with better and better cameras, virtually everyone has a camera in the pockets. That makes many of us photographers, if at least in their own eyes. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could find a way to make some money with some of our photography?

With the advent of the online photography contest, pretty much any old Joe with a camera (or camera phone) can endeavor to make some kind of money from their photographs. Seriously, there are many many free photography contests on the Internet where you can win great prizes, many times even cash. Here is a list of four great sites where anyone can find photo contests to enter.

ViewBug is actually a bit more than just a photography contest site. It’s more of a photography social network. You can have your own profile, upload your own photography and follow other users that you like. There are of course many different types of contests to enter.

There’s pretty much everything from zoomed in photos, fashion accessories, and sports to climate, feet and headshots. ViewBug is free to join but if you want more options and access to special contests, you have to upgrade to premium or pro.

2. Photography Contests Network

The Photography Contests Network is a site that helps you keep track of open photography contests that are off the site. This means that, unlike ViewBug, the contests are not related to the site. Photography Contests Network is more of a tool than a social network.

From the horse’s mouth: “Photography Competitions Network (PCN) works closely with thousands of competition organisers from around the world to bring you the very latest, and the very best, open photo contests.” You can also sign up to use the “photo contest finder” tool to make your search for the right photo contest for you that much easier.

Pixoto is an interesting online photography community. It offers prize money for weekly contests in different categories. The amount of the prize depends directly on the amount of photographs entered in that category that week. What this means is that the winners are not chosen by appointed judges but by the community itself. Very interesting indeed.

Pixoto also has a points system where a user spends points to enter photographs. Points are earned by voting on images. The voting process is cool because all it ends up being is two photos being pitted against each other at a time in what’s called an ImageDual. Voting actually becomes fun, going through and choosing your favorite out of two and going on to the next. What a fun way to share your photos and perhaps win some cash prizes!

4. PHOTObraniac

PHOTObraniac is another photography contest site with many categories to choose from where voters, not appointed judge(s), choose the winners.

Entering to compete in a contest is as simple as clicking on the image of the desired contest (in the banner rotating on the contest page), click Enter Contest, and follow the instructions (includes a quick sign-up process).


If you love taking pictures, and you think you’ve got some kind of skill going on, entering photographs into contests might be a great way to earn a few bucks doing something you love. In fact, if you’re even a professional photographer, entering your work into contests could be a great way to hone your craft, get your work out in front of people, and even earn a bit of cash all at the same time. There are sure to be many more sites to help find photography contests to enter and this is only a list of four. If you know of more good resources, please leave comments below! — Viewbug has no concern for it’s members

Viewbug has no concern for it’s members. When the site was free, it was much better because there was no limit on anything. I created 140 groups. Now each member is limited to 3 groups. Contest prizes used to be as much as $500. Now you received t-shirts and worthless stuff instead. On rare occasion there may be a prize of 50 or 100 dollars. There are at least 250, 000 entries. Most winning photos are horrible, the results of unskilled photographers, and/or just downright nothing.

For those of you that are new to the site, and think it’s so good, just give it time. Many of my friends thought it was great at first. Now they are on other sites that are at least honest and don’t draw winning contest photos out of an electronic hat. Seriously, anyone would know 300, 000 photos are not going to all be looked at.

As a general rule I’m very positive, and am a happy person. However, it has been a nightmare the way Viewbug has ignored problems and ignored members. About 100 of my friends are more than disenchanted with the site. Most of them have awesome photos yet never win contests or have a photo featured. I’m doing this for them. Many have had to block other members that harassed them. They can at least feel some consolation that a friend is telling the truth about Viewbug.

A free site that focuses on selling your photos is RedBubble. If you hope to sell your photos on Viewbug, it is unlikely it will happen. Out of 300 Viewbug friends, 2 have sold one photo each. Viewbug focuses on getting the $60 membership. Everything else is secondary.

More Complaints & Reviews

You posted this rant many times. If you joined simply to win prizes for free, you probably need to reconsider. You are correct the site was formerly free when starting up, now it has grown. It is still free for basic membership, so you are complaining that it is no longer completely free. Now it’s $60/year for unlimited use, about $5 per month. Any professional or serious hobbyist would consider that a small price for feedback from other dedicated photographers. How else do you expect them to pay for the servers, programmers, designers and staff? The storage, galleries, projects, recognitions, contests, etc. make it a community of photographers, not a free contest website. Currently, I see a large number of semi-pro and serious hobbyists. There are some beginners too, but the membership fee probably deters a larger number from joining.

i have been a member of this site for a year or more now. i have had no problems with it or with people harassing me on it. i enjoy the positive feedback i get from my fellow photographers and take the constructive criticism and learn from it. i think this is a great site to get started on and have exposure to your work!

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